Why am I starting a blog?

I'm starting this blog as a way of clarifying my thinking, sharpening my writing skills, and documenting insights I have and lessons I learned while designing, coding, and getting through life. Sounds pretty broad, but that's one of the benefits of writing for a personal website, right?

On clarifying my thinking

Writing has never been my go-to method for clarifying my thoughts around any given topic. But lately, I've noticed sudden moments of clarity when doing small, everyday writing tasks. For example, I've answered my own question more times than I'd like to admit while typing it in a chat with the intent to send it to a coworker. If the act of organizing the dots that aren't connecting in my brain into a question can help them find their way to each other, I imagine writing blog posts could help organize the many other dots floating around in my brain with no connections.

On documenting insights

There's never a shortage of insights gained when working on design or development projects, but I tend to lose track of them after the project is finished. I'll remember that I made a decision for a reason, but I won't be sure for what reason. I take notes as I work on projects, usually in the form of bullet points in a Notion doc. But these documented insights rarely seem to turn into long-term memories. And the more work I do, the more likely I am to misremember which project I had specific insights on and where to find them. I'm hoping that writing them out into posts and publishing them can help solidify my insights into my thinking and reasoning.

Last updated: Thu Mar 25 2021